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Cleaning up after a pet isn't easy. The Original Pet Bowl Mat eliminates your clean-up time by containing your pet's food and water mess! Your floors will stay cleaner as the soft pile and foam core will keep food debris and water spills contained.

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The Original Dish Drying Mat is the new solution to the age old tradition of placing dish towels on the counter when hand washing pots, pans, dishes, and glassware. The unique, laminated design combines a thin layer of foam between two layers of high-quality, super-absorbent microfiber. 

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About Us

Who is Schroeder and Tremayne, Inc.? Since our inception in 1915, we have been designing, marketing and distributing innovative, "Why didn't I think of that" products that help solve life's little dilemmas. Fortunately for us, with age comes wisdom. 

The Original™ line of products, created by Schroeder & Tremayne, Inc., provides innovative solutions to everyday dilemmas. Combining intelligent design with cutting edge technology leads to products that provide the ultimate in function and value. Our focus is to create products that exceed your expectations and help simplify your life! It’s a difference you’re sure to discover. 

Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority. We know, it sounds so cliche but it is true! Our creative driving force is fueled by raving customer feedback. We know you have a world of products to choose from and we want you to choose ours. 

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Schroeder & Tremayne Inc.

8500 Valcour Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63123

Email: info@the-original-co.com 

Phone: 800-325-3545

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The Original Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are the next evolution in cleaning textiles. The special, split fiber weave creates a cloth that can clean virtually any surface in and around the house! These cloths can be used dry, dampened with tap water or with your favorite cleaner or cleanser.


Slushy boots and grimy shoes have met their match with the super-absorbent Boot & Shoe Mat. Place the Boot & Shoe Mat inside your home, next to your door, to dry your wet footwear and contain your muddy boots. Your floors will stay cleaner as the soft pile and absorbent foam core keep snow, water, dirt and debris contained.

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